Nothing matters until we all matter.

HOURS was founded on a pillar of equality. Our goal is to provide women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes the same clothing options that “straight sized” women have enjoyed for years - and to do so sustainably. The fashion industry at-large has profited off the exclusion of certain bodies and skin tones for too long, and we seek to be a part of the solution.

Starting June 1st, 10% of every HOURS purchase will be donated to one of the below organizations, and HOURS will match each donation 100%



A Minnesota based non-profit dedicated to building resources to integrate transformative justice principles and creating long term success in Black communities.



An organization that provides healing and impact through therapy, mental health resources, fellowships, and residency programs to Black women and girls in the United States. 



 A charitable fund fighting for an end to money bail and immigration detention committed to challenging the racism, inequality, and injustice of a criminal legal system and immigration and deportation regime that disproportionately target and harm low-income communities of color.

How it will work: We'll email you after you've placed your purchase so you can tell us what organization you would like your donation to go to. 

With your help, we are committed to long term initiatives that promote transformation within our justice system and communities and are energized now more than ever to uplift marginalized voices and communities.

To those fighting for justice: we support you, we thank you, and we wish you safety.

With love and warmth,
Harroop & Naaz