We believe women should have equitable access to beautiful clothing that is ethically and sustainably made.

Fashion is our family business—it’s where we came from. In the decades before we started HOURS, we were a part of over 500 fittings in New York City’s luxury market. Across those years, we only saw one plus size fit model. She came to the fitting, tried on a coat, and left—a striking contrast to the half-days other models spent in the studio. Because designers rely on fit models to tell them how clothes look and feel, the lack of plus size fit models sent a clear message: plus size clothing was an afterthought.  It’s no surprise then that 60% of women over size 14 say they can’t find chic, quality clothing in their size.

The lack, even total dismissal, of diversity on the runway and fitting room doesn’t reflect what we see in the world. As women of color living and working in New York City, our lives were filled with people of unique backgrounds and body types. Frankly, we grew tired of telling friends and family “No, I don’t know where you can get this item in your size.” Seeing them, we were inspired to build a brand of beautiful clothing for our friends and other women like them—women who fashion has historically marginalized. And we wanted to do it sustainably. 

HOURS is a modern, high-quality fashion brand punctuated by sustainable pieces made exclusively for sizes 14-28. We believe plus size women should have access to clothing without compromise: beautiful, sustainable, well-crafted items in elegant hues and timeless silhouettes. 

With every clothing item that we design intentionally, source sustainably, produce ethically, and craft to last for years, we are endeavoring to empower women to expect more from their clothing.

Waste Not Want All Of It

To create less waste, we create high-quality seasonless styles that last. No fast fashion. We ensure worker safety, fair compensation, and proper waste disposal by choosing ethical suppliers and conducting regular audits throughout our supply chain. From ensuring more women have equitable access to high-quality clothing to upcycling our fabrics, we create clothes with integrity.

The product

Clothes should be made to fit you. Never the other way around

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The Name

What's in a name? In our case, quite a bit. Our name is inspired by three elements that are core to our brand.