HOURS is a conscious fashion
brand born in New York
specializing in quality and fit.

For size 14-28, exclusively.

About us

Fashion is our family business—it’s where we came from. And as adults, we’ve gone on to build fashion careers of our own. We’ve been a part of more than 500 fittings in the luxury market, managing product development for men and women along the way.

Throughout our career, we noticed a trend. The largest fit models were a size six. Garments rarely, if ever, went higher than a size twelve. If plus sizes were considered at all, they were relegated to “extended sizes”—an afterthought of the main collection.

This lack, even total dismissal, of plus size women didn’t reflect what we saw in the world. Our lives are filled with people of unique backgrounds and bodies who weren’t represented in fashion fitting rooms or the clothes they produced.

For certain sizes, fit was tedious, quality was rare, sustainability was a nice-to-have, and choice was near non-existent.

We decided to do something about it.

We understand how every detail contributes to a garment’s quality—from the button chosen to stitch used. We know how much energy and waste (fabric, water, CO2 emissions) is used to take a single garment from concept to the selling floor. Using this expertise, we’ve created a low-impact, high-quality collection developed start to finish with women size 14-28 in mind.

Polished but playful, practical but unique, considered but never severe—every HOURS design is ethically crafted, made for fit, and available only to you.

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The HOURS Woman.

HOURS is for women who know style is expressed through the sartorial but never limited to it. Women with an effortless look that is both enviable and impossible to duplicate. Women who fill their lives with beauty. Who flaunt their femininity. Who embrace their edge. HOURS is for women who don’t simply value quality but demand it.

I’m That Girl
Clothes should be made to fit you
(never the other way around).

At HOURS, we believe in conscious design. Every article of clothing we create starts with thoughtful consideration of what makes clothes look and feel great on you specifically. We choose premium fabrics, enlist sustainable partners, and innovate designs that go far beyond basics and loud trends to fill gaps in your wardrobe. All of our work adds up to clothing you’ll want to wear again and again—and thanks to our careful craftsmanship, you can.

Because we sell directly to you, we design to meet your needs—not a retailer’s. We make clothes based on what you tell us you want. So, go ahead, tell us. If you have questions or feedback, reach out. You can slide into our DMs anytime.

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Waste not, want all of it.

There's a lot of dirty work behind most beautiful clothes. Not HOURS. We work to source our products ethically and produce them with like-minded partners we know and trust to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible (aka safe factories who treat their employees & the earth well). And while we aren't 100% sustainable yet, by taking steps like recycling fabrics and choosing our partners carefully, we make it easier than ever for you to shop consciously and look cute doing it.

We believe you should be able to buy clothes that are kind to the planet while also being kind to your wallet. That's why we sell to you directly. We deliver thoughtful design and premium materials (bc: fit), plus practices you can trust—all at a lower end cost to you.

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